Sicilian Pizza and Pasta – Try Some of Theirs Pizza Combos

Sicilian Pizza Nashville - Top Italian Food Restaurant In Nashivlle-07There are a  lot of places all over the United States where you can order a pizza. Most of these places offer the regular kinds, like Margarita or Four season, but there are places where they realize that the only limit about pizza and what you can put on it comes from the mind of whoever is making it. Believe me, I saw and even ate some really strange pizzas.

One of such places, where they want to be creative with their pizzas is the Sicilian Pizza and Pasta in Nashville, in the state of Tennessee. The name of this local may sound like one of those generic pseudo-Italian places, that almost every town in the United States has, but it is far from that. This is really an authentic Italian place, so here are a few words about it.

It is located in downtown Nashville, in Church street. A great thing about it is that it works till 5 AM. so even if you drop in that late, you can order a pizza at any time as their kitchen works until the local closes and not like in most cases, an hour or  two before it.

This place really manages to keep what is good about pizzas and the best part of it is that you don’t have to limit yourself with the menu. Of course, that is not to say that they don’t have a very rich menu, with plenty of pizza choices and other Italian pastas, but you should never pass on the opportunity to make a pizza with the ingredients that you want in it. Of course,  reach one of these ingredients cost a little, so the more you put on it, the more it will cost you. But don’t worry too much, your pizza will probable not cost you more than 20 or so dollars. I think that this is a very good price for making a pizza with your mark on it.

You can do this on the phone, or you can order online, which quite surprisingly, not many places do yet. I don’t if the people don’t have a habit of ordering food online or what it is, but that’s just the way it is.

Sicilian Pizza Nashville - Top Italian Food Restaurant In Nashivlle-06Of course, pizzas are not the only thing that you can order here. You can also get a Calzone, Stromboli, pastas or sub sandwiches as well as some appetizers or beverages. And even deserts. Normally, all of this has a strong Italian, particularly Sicilian background.

They accept cash as well as all of the major credit cards, like Visa, Master or Diners and, in addition to this, they also have their own coupons, which give you the chance to order another pizza for less money.

All in all, whether you are going to go directly there and eat at Sicilian Pizza and Pasta, or you are going to order one to be delivered, you won’t regret it in any case.

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