Sicilian Pizza at Friend’s

Sicilian Pizza Nashville - Top Italian Food Restaurant In Nashivlle-03A couple of days ago, I went to see one of my friends who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Now, I knew this friend, his name is Henry, by the way, for a good part of my life. He and I didn’t go to the same class or anything like that, but somehow, we got close and hang around a lot. That continued when we finished high school, but when college stepped in, he had to move. It’s been a few years since I last saw him or even heard of him, until one day he found me on Facebook. After a little chat we decided to meet one day. We set a date, he told me his address and, the following weekend, I went to see him in Nashville.

Once I got there, and rang the door bell, he lived in a nice little house, nothing too fancy or big, just a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and two rooms upstairs, one his and the other, smaller one, for guests. There was also a garage with a nice red Chevy in it (unfortunately I really don’t know much about cars, so I have no idea what model).

We spent a good part of the day just laughing and remembering the good old days and what we did that time. We remembered people we met, places we went to, all that stuff. Of course, a few beers were necessary as well. After a couple of hours, I started getting hungry, so I asked him if he had something to eat, He told me that he doesn’t, but that’s okay since he has a number of this really good Italian place and that he was going to order a pizza from them.

The place is called Sicilian Pizza and Pasta and, from what I understood later, talking to him and some other people who heard about it, it was a really popular place in Nashville. I was just about to find out why.

We agreed on a large bacon double cheese pizza, with provolone, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, bacon and beef. It was around 17 dollars, I remembered because I offered to pay a share, but Henry would have none of it. After a few minutes of “heated” discussion, we agreed that I could at least buy us some more beer, since we were running out on it.

Sicilian Pizza Nashville - Top Italian Food Restaurant In Nashivlle-02Honestly, I really can’t remember when was the last time I had such a good pizza. Its crust was just crunchy enough and not hard, all of the ingredients were fresh and, what is most important, it was still hot when they delivered it. We ate the whole thing by the end of the day.

I slept at Henry’s since I was too tired to drive that evening and he had plenty of room as it is. When I was about to live, we agreed that he visits me next time in Ne Jersey. There was just one more thing to do before I left Nashville and that was to visit Sicilian Pizza and Pasta for another of their delicious pizzas.

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