My First Visit To Sicilian Pizza and Pasta in Nashville

Sicilian Pizza Nashville - Top Italian Food Restaurant In Nashivlle-05A couple of weeks ago,I was by car from a visit to my parents in in South Dakota. As it always happens in situations like this, I forgot about the time and didn’t leave until well in the day. Now that wouldn’t normally be a problem, but the fact was that I had to return all the way to Florida State. This meant that I had to pass through several different US states as well. Of course, I won’t bother you with the whole journey, but I would like to point to one part of it.

By the time I reached the state of Tennessee and the city of Nashville in it, it was already around 2 in the morning. In this situation, after driving for the better part of the day, most people would just find a soft bed and let dreams take them away, but I was also incredibly hungry as well. You see, the last thing that I had eaten were some chips about four hours ago.

I immediately started scouring the area for a place that would even work or serve food at this hour, but for a time, I couldn’t find any. A few of them were open, but all I could get there was what is left of their coffee, which really wasn’t much. I was about to give up my “hunt” and just take a room for the night, when I saw a sign for “Sicilian Pizza and Pasta”.

As I really love pizza and all kinds of Italian food, I decided to try my luck here. What joy! Not only were they opened, but after inquiring about it, the waitress also told me that the kitchen was opened.

I checked the menu, which was really rich and ordered a Sicilian Stromboli, with sausage, peperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. To tell you the truth, it was really good, considering what time of the day (or rather night) it was. Of course, what I needed was just something warm and tasty to eat and Sicilian Pizza and Pasta provided it. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about how thick it was and whether the crust was okay or not. The bottom line is that I ate it in a few minutes. Now, whether this is because I was really hungry, because it was that good or because of both, I really can’t tell. Most likely both of those.

Sicilian Pizza Nashville - Top Italian Food Restaurant In Nashivlle-04Next morning, after a really good night’s sleep, I awoke at around 11 AM. The first thing that I did, after checking out was go to Sicilian Pizza and Pasta and to order another pizza there. This time, it was a regular Sicilian pizza, with salami, Italian sausage, green peperoni and onions. This one was really good as well.

Unfortunately, I had to go once I ate it, but whenever I happen to be in Nashville and area, I’ll make sure to stop by here for a really good pizza.

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